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Ready-To-Use Pre-Set Hose End Sprayer

Ready-To-Use Pre-Set Hose End Sprayer

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Description:Our Hose end sprayer is great for all Indian River Organics products. The hose end bottle makes applying our product to grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, plants and vegetables a piece of cake!
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Product Description

Our Ready-to-use Pre-Set Hose End Sprayer is the perfect tool for you to evenly distribute our organic fertilizer to your plants and crops. This add-on item can attach to your hose and mix the organic fish fertilizer with the water. Watering and fertilizing your plants has never been easier!

Indian River Organic Fish Fertilizer is an Organic Protein Hydrolysate, which is far superior in several ways to any emulsion that is available on the market.  It is All Natural, comprised of 100% fish, not a boiled, rendered and separated semi-fish based product like the others.

This naturally organic and sustainable fertilizer is cold processed and contains NO HEAVY METALS and no CHLORINE like you will find in the emulsions that are available as competition.

Our Product is:

  • 100% Fish Protein
  • Made From Human Consumption Grade Fish
  • Cold-Processed
  • No Fish Meal Has Been Removed
  • Chlorine Free
  • Contains No Dangerous Heavy Metals
  • Great for use in Drip Systems