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Liquid Fish Fertilizer 32 oz Sprayer

Liquid Fish Fertilizer 32 oz Sprayer

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Description:Indian River Organics Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer is simply the very best, All Natural Organic Fish Fertilizer. OMRI listed for use in Organic Growing. In a convenient 32 ounce size with sprayer included.
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Product Description

Indian River 32 oz Liquid Fish Fertilizer with Sprayer is our famous fish fertilizer combined with a sprayer to make it easy for you to mix and feed your plants and crops. The 32 oz size is lightweight and perfect for residential or small farm use. Regardless of size, our fish fertilizer is 100% organic and contains no contaminates or chlorine that would be harmful to your plants.

This naturally organic and sustainable fertilizer is produced using a low heat, scientifically validated process and contains NO HEAVY METALS and no CHLORINE like you will find in the emulsions that are available as competition.

Our Product is:

  • 100% Fish Protein
  • Made From Human Consumption Grade Fish
  • Produced using a Low Heat Scientifically Validated Process
  • No Fish Meal Has Been Removed
  • Chlorine Free and Tested for Pathogens
  • Contains No Dangerous Heavy Metals
  • Great for use in Drip Systems